LA MARATHON & beyond…

Unexpected visit to the LA MARATHON – ran alongside the amazing folks doing it for a wee bit. Providing inspiration and a rush as I think about family. DE putting in as much effort as these folks running in order to allow all our ships to sail. Very lucky and feel very fortunate.



Unexpected visit to watch and then run alongside the LA marathon for a wee bit. Providing inspiration and quite the rush as I think about my family. DE putting in as much work as these folks running to make these ships all sail. Very lucky.

They decided “Murdoch Mysteries” needed to be named “The Artful Detective” in the USA.  Playing the legendary Bat Masterson in Episode 803 it can be viewed on the Ovation channel in the USA. Such a fun show and great cast/crew. MURDOCH_8032_136

Happy Holidays….or howlidays if you prefer

‘Tis the holidays and with much to be thankful for and much to be blessed about-’tis an opportunity to wish one and all much love over these holidays. Hopefully the world can work towards getting its lid screwed on better and more secure in 2015! MUCH PEACE! MUCH LOVE!

Here is a wee trailer for a film I transformed for – MOONDOG AIRWAVES. It’s a crazy, fun little film that I leave under your Christmas trees. Enjoy!!


moondog ogg



Seeing a unicorn don’t compare!

I’ve seen a full rainbow for the first time in my life this morning. I’ve experienced gobsmacking sunsets and sunrises. I’ve been inspired by art, by words, by films, by theatre, by music, and by the utterly confusing yet epically fascinating thing called life. Yet none of it compares to the utter love and wonder I feel when I’m around my beautiful son. Utterly mind blowing!!


Egon Schiele at Neue Gallery

Egon. Just him and the Harold Ramis character from Ghostbusters, but I’ll go with the Schiele today.
Powerful, physical portraits from a man dead at 28. WOW! Short life with such immense talent and such prolific work. GULP! So much work to do.


Not always the understood -BAM

Lisa Dwan’s solo show of 3 Beckett monologues at BAM’s Next Wave Festival. WOW! More an art installation piece to me. As much as I did not understand within the pieces, is as much as it continues to resonant with me today. A rapid fire stream of words gushing out of a disembodied mouth, pre-recorded audio, repetition, repetition, reflection on loss, death, pacing, pacing, darkness, and a mantra. The challenge was not to try to understand as it was to not feel its power. Like being in a church with chanting coming from its pitch black walls- unable to see or fully comprehend, but the senses are ALIVE to the experience. A pocketful of sunshine. Kudos to Lisa Dwan and the powers of BAM!


Sweet euphoria

There are endorphins. There are rushes, thrills, moments, and there are highs. There is NOTHING that compares to the feeling of my son at my side, my dogs around me and that glorious view watching over us all together. Wish THAT came in pill form.