They decided “Murdoch Mysteries” needed to be named “The Artful Detective” in the USA.  Playing the legendary Bat Masterson in Episode 803 it can be viewed on the Ovation channel in the USA. Such a fun show and great cast/crew. MURDOCH_8032_136


Thrilled to be starting the journey in Toronto with the delightful Yannick Bisson and the gang from CBC’s MURDOCH MYSTERIES in Toronto. What a delightful group of folks. Should be fun! Playing the legendary lawman Bat Masterson!


Recognition for performance- won’t lie-feels good

Thanks very much! People always say its nice just to be nominated, but that’s usually when you don’t win. It was very kind of them to recognize my performance, one I’m proud of, but one not possible without MANY people – Solo, Ned, Rod, Dan, and COUNTLESS others. The support from family was and continues to be a huge strength. There. Sound good? Just prepping to hear Sunday’s Oscar speeches.
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